Ecosport Awards 2015


The industry and retail of sports articles and equipment represent a booming economic sector employing a million people in Europe in a number of different fields: engineering, sales, logistics, communications, etc. Well known for its leading brands, this dynamic sector also plays an important social role. It promotes sporting activities, and consequently health and solidarity, and contributes to the comfort and safety of 70 million participants in sports, both occasional and regular.

From 2015 onwards these sports companies will be able to get involved in even more challenges in the field of environmental protection by competing for the first ECOSPORT AWARDS, which will give awards to the best initiatives in the sector concerned.

Once the jury, chaired by the world famous climber Catherine Destivelle, has selected the winning companies, the ECOSPORT AWARDS will be presented in November 2015 in Paris at a gala evening.


By Catherine Destivelle

All my life, it has truly been an extraordinary privilege from me to climb being so close to Nature. It made me realize how beautiful yet fragile she is.

Therefore, i am looking forward with enthusiasm to chairing the first ECOSPORT AWARDS jury in a highly innovative sporting field.

Candidatures Cloturées.

Rendez-vous le 17 novembre à l'INSEP pour la remise des prix.

Pourquoi participer ?

Les ECOSPORT AWARDS mettent en avant toutes les entreprises participantes et leur apporteront à la fois visibilité médiatique et reconnaissance du grand public.

Participer au prix permettent de : 


Participate in the national campaign supported by the Ministry for Sport and the Ministry for Ecology and Sustainable Development

With the holding of the Paris International Climate Control Conference, the year 2015 heralds a new era in environmental protection. The ECOSPORT AWARDS form the backbone of this effort and are identified as an iconic sectorial national campaign.             


Meet the expectations of your consumers.

Participating in the ECOSPORT AWARDS will enable the companies to provide an additional insight into their products and steps expected by the majority of consumers:

71 % of consumers consider that sport stakeholders have a role to play in environmental protection (Répucom study, “Sport, health and environment – And if France were to be a pioneer?”, December 2014).

The prize-winners will be provided with a communication kit (prize, logo with the name of the company, etc.) enabling them to communicate directly with their customers.


Benefit from considerable media exposure thanks to our partners

The results will be announced by the distribution of a press folder containing information on the nominated and prize-winning companies, we well as by posting this information on the event website.                                        

The partnership with reference media in the sport and economic sectors – including Equipe Mag and Filière Sport- guarantees the prize-winners first class media exposure.          


Meet the sport stakeholders at a grand Gala evening

The first prize award event will take place in November 2015 in Paris (exact date to be determined). This gala evening will bring together all the companies involved in a sustainable development campaign. This will be an opportunity to share your experiences with the professionals in the respective sectors, experts and journalists invited to attend as guests.

Award categories

Thanks to the ECOSPORT AWARDS, the main French professional organization in the field of sports  (FPS, FIFAS, OSV & EUROSIMA) wish to encourage promote and reward the best sustainable achievements through various categories.


7 awards in 6 different themes.

Grand Jury Prize

The grand jury will reward the best achievement throughout all the categories of awards.


The sustainable building award will reward the best achievement aiming to improve the environmental performance during the construction or the operation of a building (factory, head office or a store)

sports articles

The Eco-Designed award will reward the eco-design sports article leading to the most spectacular reduction of its environmental impact throughout its life circle (change of materials, more energy-efficient process,…)

and end of life

The recycling and end of life award will reward a company which takes into account the recycling process of its products. This can concern the in-store collect, partnership with association for recuperation and recycle products,…

Sustainable management (logistics, heightening of awareness of employees, etc.)

The sustainable management will reward the company that achieves some sustainable change inside its management such as green logistics, resettlement policy, raising environmental awareness of the employees…

Structures and
places of practice

The structure and places of practices award will reward the best achievement aiming to improve the environmental performance of a structure (stadium) or a places of sports practice (gymnasium,…)

Heightening of awareness
of the practitioners

The environmental awareness award will reward the engagement of a company in a environmental awareness program designed for sports practitioners. Every actions for the general publics such as partnership with NGO’s advocating for the protection of the environment, environmental raising awareness events,…

How to participate ?


  • The ECOSPORT prizes are open to companies who are engaged in an activity in the sports sector (manufacture, distribution or services).
  • The companies must have a sales office in France (including Overseas Territories).
  • To be eligible the projects must be available (still marketed in the case of a product), operational (in the case of a building or an event), and verifiable.

Application file

To submit your project, please fill the apllication file available below. You can send your application either by mail or post.

Mail :

Postal address : FPS 109 rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré 75008 PARIS


The deadline for submitting applications is 31 August 2015.